Services You Can Provide

Full suite of Mobile Technologies

Create multiple streams of income from each client. These are a sample of services available with your cost price versus your retail.

Mobile Apps – For Business

Mobile Apps designed to help businesses get more repeat customers. Fully custom designed app for the business available on Google and Apple stores.

Cost: Build it yourself 50
Cost: Build for you From 750
Retail: From 2,750

Mobile App City – Large scale, Games

Large scale mobile apps – whether its the next “Uber" or a game or a specialized mobile app for a large company – our dedicated team of programmers, developers and designers can deliver.

Scope:                                       From      €500
(Based on Scope)    From €20,000
From €40,000 

Proximity Beacons

A very new and affordable technology designed to get new customers using a beacon to reach prospects via their smartphone

Cost: From 250
Retail: 500


You can offer any scale of high quality website from a theme to a custom-built site with our development team.

Cost: From 1,100
Retail: From 2,000

Web/Social Media Marketing

Businesses that desire more customers and want to expand their online presence? Great up-sell!

Cost: From 500
Retail: From 1,000

Graphic Design

Businesses that need to stand out. Logo, flyers, branding; you name it our team do it for your clients.

Cost: From 400
Retail: From 800

Cloud Services

Businesses needing remote access to their email and files.

Cost: Typical 150pm (varies by project)
Retail: From 300pm

Business Coaching Tools

If you want to consult or coach businesses, you’ll have a set of tools to help you make consulting income.

Cost: 0 (included)
Retail: From 1,000pm

Software Development

Medium to larger sized business looking to have their own software applications built. You can now win those contracts!

Cost:                         Project Scope from 1,000
Retail: Based on Project Scope

Note: Retail prices are suggested only; you have full control over the retail price. Prices exclude applicable taxes

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