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As a Mobile App City Licensee you receive everything needed to get started and succeed in this booming industry including business setup, access to our design system and design teams and ongoing support. Your License is without boundaries (worldwide) and there is no fixed monthly fees or royalties to pay. We provide all the design services through our team of developers and designers and you can get involved in the creative design process yourself (optional) using our easy to use design platforms.

The old technology a business needed was their own website, now they need their own mobile app. The biggest benefit a business gets from having their own mobile app is to dramatically increase their income by getting a lot more repeat business from their existing customers- without them having to spend money on marketing.

You’ll also have a range of services you can provide to businesses, allowing you to earn multiple streams of income from each client.

You’ll get everything you need to succeed including business setup, your own brand and website, full training, our design and tech teams plus ongoing support. There are no territory restrictions and you will have a worldwide territory with no royalty or ongoing fees to pay. You won’t need technical, design or coding experience either.

You only require a basic understanding of sales and marketing to be successful because our back end design teams can take care of all the hard work. Comprehensive one on one training is provided to you. We also guarantee ongoing support to you for the life of your license. We believe this business is easily the best small business opportunity on the market today.

This is a high profit margin, very low overhead business that is simple to run. Get your free information pack by clicking the button below and discover how this could be the perfect business for you.

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