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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Everyone seems to be talking about SEO, what is it?

Online search engine Optimisation is the art of improving ranks in online search engine outcomes. This features tweaking crucial components of the site, its codes, and the site itself to enhance its significance. SEO additionally uses external resources to make a website visible and the boost ROI of a business – the greater the search positioning, the higher the possibilities of boosting sales.

Many people utilize the Internet for their inquiries, and a great method to reach is SEO. With our team of SEO professionals in Australia, you could take advantage of the big number of search inquiries and create better brand name positioning. We also supply a 6 months first page assurance or you get it going ahead free of cost up until we acquire you on the front page for among your keywords!

Why do I need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Companies are now resorting to the Web for better visibility, with countless end users searching for products and services online though their mobile and personal computer systems. This is where SEO should help. SEO puts you on the very first page of Google making you visible to your possible customers.

SEO assists drive website traffic to your website without spending too much on advertising overheads. With Google taking 92 % of all web traffic, you require SEO professionals from Perth Australia to apply the most reliable approach for your website and, this is what Mobile App City does best. We’ll make sure you get to the top and help develop your brand online!


1st page guarantee

We will continue offering you FREE SEO until you attacked the very first web page for that keyword! No one else is able to consider a SEO Guarantee and stand behind their world like we can.

How can I rank high in Google?

Web sites that have a high SEO positions obtain this placement through good website traffic, fresh + quality material and appeal. This is where Mobile App City will help.

So how can SEO help your business?

SEO is a budget-friendly way of improving your website to make it place high around search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. You have much better chances of marketing your company and creating a greater quantity of web traffic the moment you obtain high positions. If they are looking for your market, essentially customers can see you, if you are ranked on page 10 individuals will never ever find up your business looking with a search engine alone.

With SEO in Australia or the remainder of the world, your website will certainly create additional direct exposure to your target market. Folks usually depend on websites that are at the top of online search engine results web page, which is why you could get a better conversion proportion if you obtain the help of an SEO company.

How can I get to number 1 on google?

There are bunches of theories from different perspectives that reveal exactly what jobs and just what doesn’t when it concerns implementing search engine optimization. Mobile App City could not have the gold formula to SEO, yet we do recognize just how we could aid your website improve positions.

With endorsement to professional SEO professionals in Australia, here are some crucial things to bear in mind when it involves internet optimisation.

How to Optimize Your Website

  • Include top quality pictures and videos to your website
  • Make sure you have unique, original, and relevant content
  • Make sure to have H1 tag for every page
  • Keyword Meta tag is irrelevant these days, but make sure you have proper Meta tags on your pages
  • Include a semantic hierarchy to the page—highlight important content first
  • Be sure to have an XML Sitemap, as this tells search engines what pages are included in your
  • Include Robots.txt to indicate what search engines can look at and what they cannot access

Optimize Your Referral Listing

  • Create a social media account
  • Be sure to have one way (non-reciprocal) back links from genuine and authoritative websites to your content
  • Add your site to business directory listings
  • Create press releases for your site
  • Create good reviews that include links to your website

When it comes to SEO methods in Australia, quality precedes quantity. If an SEO company offers strategies that are too good to be true, you need to consider your options again to avoid bad techniques. This is where Mobile App City help. We present a range of cost effective solutions that can help your brand stay ahead of the competition. We also offer a 6 month Guarantee where if we don’t get one of your key words to the front page we will keep working for FREE until you are on the first page of google!

Want us to search engine optimization your business and get you to the front page?

Like most businesses you do not have the time perform Search Engine Optimisation. We have a range of options to help with improving your organic rankings. We can perform the following SEO Services for you:

  • Keyword research
  • Content Writing
  • Link Building
  • Onsite Optimisation
  • Reporting
  • Website health checks

Our team is made up from Search Engine Optimization experts from all over the globe and our head office is located in Perth Western Australia


Our Special SEO Packages

If we don't get you to page 1 you stop paying us and we keep working until we get you to the first page. That is our SEO Guarantee.

Small Niche

$770 Setup Fee

1st Page Guarantee

3 Main Keywords

9 Secondary Keywords

3 Pages of Content Optimized

15 Business Directory's

150 Links Per Month

Small Business

$1,100 Setup Fee

1st Page Guarantee

6 Main Keywords

30 Secondary Keywords

50 Pages of Content Optimized

25 Business Directory's

300 Links Per Month

Medium Business

$1,650 Setup Fee

1st Page Guarantee

12 Main Keywords

50 Secondary Keywords

50 Pages of Content Optimized

40 Business Directory's

500 Links Per Month

Large Business


1st Page Guarantee

Will need to speak with client this will be custom