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All our apps are built with powerful features designed to help grow a larger and more royal customer base, Improve customer service and boost sales

All features are controlled and customized using our powerful back-end system which you have complete access to.

Instant alert to customers via phone notifications

You now have the ability to message all your customs directly to their phones with any great promotion you have for free. With the app there is a built in message services that pops an alert on the screen of your customers phone and directs them to your app. Having your own app will increase your customer’s awareness of any special event/promotion or new product as soon as you hit the send button. Some uses for this feature could be, to inform your clients about an open home, extending trading hours, happy hour, new product, events and even to wish your customers a happy holiday. Link this service with our inbuilt Loyalty System and your customers will be hooked to the app.

In app coupons

Want to keep clients coming back? We have a great coupon system that can be easily set up to get your customers checking the app for new coupons daily. Coupons can be redeemed by handing over their mobile phones to you and then you just push to redeem the coupon. We have powerful back end systems that you can use to monitor and issue new coupons at the push of a button. Ideas for coupons could be car Servicing, free muffins, buy 1 item get 1 free, 20% sale for app users only and so forth. Use your imagination to find the best coupon deals that will get customs flying back to your business.

Instant connect to social media

Have the ability for your customers to reach out to you though all your social media platforms straight though your app. Run competitions though the app and get your clients to send you photos and positive feedback straight to your wall where their friends can see what they post and hopefully they too will buy your products and download your app. This tool is a great way to expand your word of mouth social reach all within one easy to use app.

Addictive loyalty award systems

Reward you customers by checking in or buying your products multiple times. Use our simple to use customer loyalty awards system. You have the choice of having the in app stamp coupon card or in app check in feature. Where once a client is on your premises they can check in and get 1 stamp on the card automatically checked off. After say 10 stamps or check-ins are checked off they get a free reward. It is up to you to customise the rewards we will just build the content management back end system so you can keep track of your rewards easily. Loyalty systems are a great way to get client addicted to using your service or buying your product. If you make your customer interaction fun your profits will increase dramatically!

Quick pre-orders and shopping cart

Have your clients pre-purchase your product (say coffee) on the way to your store so they can just pick it up and leave as it’s been paid for in the app. Increases the efficacy of your sales and leaves your customers feeling in control. You can also have your store listings in the shopping cart. Customers could be on the train to work and scrolling through your app. If they see something they like they could purchase it inside the app where it would connect to your current online system and the order would be processed. Another way to be in front of your clients where ever they are. Your online store is no longer bound to a PC it is now mobile and on the mobile app that we build for you.

Quick call/find function

You want customers to be able to have your contact details at their fingertips so when they need you they can just push one button and you will be ready to take the sale. We also have features where clients can at the push of another button have direction to your nearest store. This feature is handy as you will no longer get calls from clients asking which building you are in or what street are you on. A good idea is to put your opening hours on the same page as a quick reference to your clients. As you can see your app can have all these powerful features and any other custom feature of your pleasing.

Product showcase and menu viewer

Having your Menu/Product Showcase available to your clients where ever they are is important. While they are making their decision on what they are going to order while on the way to your venue they could be using the app to make up their mind. This also speeds up the ordering processes once they are at your business as the clients know what they want. We also can build custom booking forms on the back of this where the client can book and reserve what they selected from the app.

Galleries for your videos and photos

Have your products on display at the push of a button on your client’s phone. You can upload and add images to this gallery easily within the custom content management system. Once you upload the new images they go live instantly for your clients to see. The Gallery is a great way to show off your business and products where your customer can interact with it and leave positive feedback.


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